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Practical Investment Consulting (PIC) is an independent investment consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

PIC’s goal is to build practical investment solutions for our clients. We collaborate with our clients by offering them flexibility and independence to focus on what matters most to them- their client relationships and growth.

We provide investment consulting and OCIO services to private wealth managers, asset managers and the service providers that support them.

We deliver investment insights and advice to help clients achieve flexibility to pursue their strategic vision, and optimise the use of their internal resources.

PIC’s Differentiation
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Are You…

Are you running mile a minute managing your client relationships, financial planning and managing investment strategy?

Are you looking to reduce costs and focus on client relationships?

Are you looking for flexibility while keeping investment discretion?

Are you looking to expand your investment department to include CFAs without incurring the cost of a full-time staff?

You have heard about behavioral investing and are not sure about how it can benefit your firm?

Are you looking to build due diligence processes for your third-party managers?

Are you looking for timely investment insights, blogs and newsletters customized for your firm’s clients?

Do you need an independent evaluation of your prospect’s investments?

Do you need an unbiased opinion on your current investment strategies?

Are you looking for professional investment support in pitching for new business?

You have a unique investment area not covered above and you are looking for a professional opinion.

Are you staying awake worrying about new regulations and how your firm’s processes abide by them? What you like an independent evaluation?

PIC can partner with you in creating tailored practical solutions that add value to your firm.

What Industry Experts Say

…during her tenure we tripled our assets under management…dramatically increased capacity of our investment process and team…incredible work ethic…willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done…takes job personally…dedicated to doing an outstanding job….

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David Geller, CEO, RIA

“Making the complex simple is what matters. You do that well. The clients you presented to always left the room with clarity and confidence.
Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour in turn elicited my trust and respect. Thank you Aradhana!”

M LEWYN, CEO, Strategic Liquidity Services, RIA

“Aradhana will guide you with her in-depth investment industry knowledge, she identifies issues and provides solutions on diverse aspects of investment management, risk management, and portfolio administration. Having known and worked with Aradhana for more than a decade, I have seen firsthand her investment compliance knowledge, money manager due diligence processes, ability to negotiate contracts and deals with vendors/money managers/ custodians and her utmost professionalism. She should be the first port of call for individuals or companies requiring investment consulting services.”

Susan D, EVP and Chief Compliance Officer, RIA”

“I have been working with Aradhana since 2007 and I can assure that she has a holistic approach to investment management, fulfills responsibility, including a personal dedicated and attentive engagement, a thorough understanding of the investment industry and her grasp of various investment opportunities available. This goes, along with her unique ability to make quality presentations, being a professional plus having an ethical work standard and providing full transparency that exceeds expectations. Her ability to meet people where they happen to be in their lives is truly a gift and what separates her from others.”

Keywords: trust, attentive, professional, ethical, expertise, dedicated

C. B Gray, CFP, VP and Shareholder, RIA

About Us

Practical Investment Consulting (PIC) is an independent investment consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

PIC’s goal is to help build practical intellectual capital for our clients to prosper by placing their interests first.

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