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The growing complexity of markets has caused many firms to reconsider their investment management approach. The OCIO option supports your firm by taking on the investment management responsibilities. With OCIO services, you can outsource complex aspects of portfolio management and optimize the use of your internal resources. Whether you are a large or small institution, we can handle the day-to-day responsibilities for manager selection, rebalancing, risk analysis and reporting, so your team can focus on advancing your strategic vision.

Are You…

Are you running mile a minute managing your client relationships, financial planning and managing investment strategy?

Are you looking to reduce costs and focus on client relationships?

Are you looking for flexibility while keeping investment discretion?

Are you looking to expand your investment department to include CFAs without incurring the cost of a full-time staff?

You have heard about behavioral investing and are not sure about how it can benefit your firm?

Are you looking to build due diligence processes for your third-party managers?

Are you looking for timely investment insights, blogs and newsletters customized for your firm’s clients?

Do you need an independent evaluation of your prospect’s investments?

Do you need an unbiased opinion on your current investment strategies?

Are you looking for professional investment support in pitching for new business?

You have a unique investment area not covered above and you are looking for a professional opinion.

Are you staying awake worrying about new regulations and how your firm’s processes abide by them? What you like an independent evaluation?

PIC can partner with you in creating tailored practical solutions that add value to your firm.

About Us

Practical Investment Consulting (PIC) is an independent investment consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

PIC’s goal is to help build practical intellectual capital for our clients to prosper by placing their interests first.

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