OCIO Services – In Detail

Portfolio construction

Asset allocation analysis that uses models to deliver solutions based on your portfolio needs. Investment policy consulting designed to meet the unique investment goals of your organization.

Portfolio Management

Performance reporting to help keep your investment committee informed. Investment reviews that provide insights into your portfolio and the broader market and economic environment.

Steadfast commitment to risk management and process excellence through ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

Research & Expertise

Investment committee best practices that are designed to increase your group’s effectiveness.

Investment expertise and commentary on financial issues that provide context for your decision-making.

Due diligence of Active and Passive Managers

An intensive qualitative and quantitative review drives the investment process. Place capital with exceptional managers and proactively monitor both manager and portfolio-level risk.

Conduct thorough investment, risk and operational due diligence on all of the investments in portfolios. Customized product selection that focuses on low-cost index and active investments.

Specialized knowledge across asset classes

With specialized knowledge across traditional and alternative asset classes, actively manage portfolios to take advantages of market opportunities.

Consultant Search Services


Analyze responses from RFP candidates across key dimensions based on custom RFP criteria. Evaluate and select finalists using this in-depth analysis. Recommend the top candidate for approval.

Develop criteria specific to your organization’s needs. Design RFP to isolate key criteria for firm evaluation. Identify appropriate candidates and deliver RFP.


Investment Operations Support

Help develop rebalancing guidelines and process. Develop operational and trading processes to streamline and increase business efficiency.

About Us

Practical Investment Consulting (PIC) is an independent investment consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

PIC’s goal is to help build practical intellectual capital for our clients to prosper by placing their interests first.

Practical Investment Consulting

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